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Hi, I'm Madhya Pradesh - "The Very Heart of India"

are the places rich in culture & tradition of its innocent people and ancient monuments which still sings of the Golden era.
My Wild Shelters Well forested, especially in the Vindhya-Kuimur, the Satpura, the Maikala ranges and the Baghelkhand plateau and being rich in wildlife I have been declared as the TIGER STATE OF INDIA. I hold some of the most accessible havens for the endangered Leo tigers.
My Pampered Ones These are natural wonders whom I have showered most of my natural beauty with beautiful hill ranges namely Vindhya & Kaimur and are fed by some of the Peninsula's major rivers, such as the Narmada and the Mahanadi.
My Innocent Inhabitants I am the home of the largest concentration of India's 22 million tribal people. These innocent inhabitants were driven from the well watered Gangetic plains by its succession of invaders, took refuge on my soil.
My Jewels The flowing rivers, the lush green mountains, the dense forests, the beautiful valleys and the vast plains have provided me the natural beauty with lots of flavors with in me and made me a paradise for travelers. This section provides my lavish geography.
Tours This section provides with the itineraries that will help you to explore the mysterious land of mine -India's most rural ,untouched and unspoiled scenery.

Wildlife of M.P
One third of Madhya Pradesh  land is forested, offering a unique and exciting panorama of wild life. Especially in the Vindhya-Kaimur and the Satpura and Maikala ranges and the Baghelkhand plateau.
The old princely families were enthusiastic "sportsmen". Rulers of states the size of English countries, and some appreciably larger, set aside vast stretches of wilderness as their own, private, haunting grounds. Since these royal hunts were fairly infrequent affairs and as the keepers of the hunting grounds were vigilant, the animals grew and prospered: in spite of the annual butchering.
The great hunting families have given the country its great wildlife parks.  When you visit wildlife sanctuaries and national parks the land, you are the interloper: the animal is king. Your movements are controlled, the animal’s are not.
nd thus the chances of seeing them in their natural avocations, is higher than anywhere else in the world.

The chances of seeing a big cat, a tiger or lion within naked lens’ reach, are extremely high. And the fact that they are not frightened of you lets you make observations and take pictures, which only dedicated naturalists could have hoped for just a decade ago.

Kanha and Bandhabgarh national parks have been very famous national parks around the world. The king of the forest may be easily sighted at Kanha and Bandhavgarh. Equally at home in the Jungles of Kanha and Bandhavgarh is the Gaur who does not fear the tiger. 

Another native is the Barasingha the only swamp deer who has adapted to hard ground. Chitals (spotted deer) can be sighted in hundreds. Sloth Bear, the leopard and the buffalo Colorful bird.are much less common. At times one is surprised that wild life has survived so well despite the decades of senseless slaughter indulged in by the so-called big game hunters.

Many of the princes marked out areas as their personal hunting reserves: Shivpuri near Gwalior for instance, which has served in recent years as the nucleus of the wild life park and where Madhav National park is particularly rich in many species of deer and famous for its white (albino tic) tigers. Pench National park isalso an upcoming national park in Madhya Pradesh.

The National Parks and wild life Sanctuaries of Madhya Pradesh are highlighted below.

National Parks Area (Sq. Km.) Fauna
Kanha 939.94 Tiger, Leopard, Gaur, Chital, Sambar,Nilgai,Chinkara,Barking Deer, Barasingha, Wild Boar.
Bandhavgarh 448.00 Tiger, Leopard, Gaur, Chital, Sambar,Nilgai,Chinkara,Barking Deer, Wild Boar.
Madhav 337.00 Leopard, Chital, Sambar, Nilgai, Chinkara, Black Buck,Chausingha, Wild Boar
Sanjay 1938.01 Tiger, Leopard, Chital, Sambar, Nilgai.
Indrawati 1258.37 Tiger, Leopard, Gaur, Chital, Sambar.
Van Vihar 4.45 Zoological Park.
Panna 542.66 Leopard, Chital, Sambar, Nilgai, Deer, Tiger, Wild Boar.
Satpura 524.37 Tiger, Leopard, Gaur, Chital, Sambar, Nilgai, Bear.
Kanger 200.00 Tiger, Leopard, Gaur, Chital, Sambar, Nilgai, Muntjac, Wild Boar
Fossile 0.27 Plant Fossils
Pench 293.00 Tiger, Leopard, Gaur, Chital, Sambar,Nilgai,Chinkara, Muntjac, Wild Boar
Wildlife Sanctuaries  
Kheoni 122.70 Leopard, Chital, Sambar,Nilgai, Bear, Barasingha, Wild Boar.
Narsinghgarh 57.19 Leopard, Chital, Sambar, Wild Boar, Peacock, Grey Horn Bill.
Gandhisagar 368.62 Leopard, Chital, Nilgai, Chinkara, Barking Deer, Water Birds.
Bori 518.00 Tiger, Leopard, Gaur, Chital, Sambar, Bear, Wild Boar.
Pachmarhi 461.85 Tiger, Leopard, Gaur, Chital, Sambar, Nilgai, Chinkara, Bear.
Dubri 364.69 Tiger, Leopard, Gaur, Chital, Sambar,Nilgai,Chinkara, Muntjac.
Badalkhoh 104.35 Tiger, Leopard,Chital, Sambar, Nilgai.
Gomardah 277.82 Tiger, Leopard, Chital, Sambar,Chinkara, Bear , Nilgai, Muntjac.
Ratapani 688.79 Tiger, Leopard, Chital, Sambar, Nilgai, Chinkara.
Singhori 287.91 Tiger, Leopard, Chital, Sambar, Nilgai, Black Buck.
Barnawapara 244.66 Tiger, Leopard, Gaur, Chital, Sambar, Wild Boar, Muntjac.
Sitanadi 553.36 Tiger, Leopard, Chital, Sambar,Nilgai, Bear, Guar, Muntjac..
Noradehi 1034.52 Tiger, Leopard, Chital, Sambar, Nilgai, Chinkara, Black Buck, Wild Dog.
Achanakmar 551.55 Tiger, Leopard, Gaur, Chital, Sambar, Wild Boar.
Pench 449.39 Tiger, Leopard, Gaur, Chital, Sambar,Nilgai, Jungle Fowl.
Samarsot 340.35 Tiger, Leopard, Gaur, Chital, Sambar.
National Chambal 320.00 Gharial, Crocodile, Turtle, Dolphin, Otter, Migratory Birds.
Ken Gharial 45.00 Gharial, Crocodile.
Sone Gharial 41.80 Gharial, Crocodile, Turtle, Migratory Birds.
Kuno-Palpur 345.00 Tiger, Leopard, Chital, Sambar, Nilgai, Chinkara, Black Buck.
Karera 202.21 Chital, Sambar, Chinkara, Black Buck, Great Indian Bustard.
Ghatigano 512.00 Sambar, Nilgai, Chinkara, Great Indian Bustard.
Bagdara 478.90 Leopard, Chital, Sambar, Nilgai, Chinkara, Indian Bustard.
Tamor Pingla 608.52 Tiger, Leopard, Chital, Sambar, Nilgai, Boar.
Bhairamgarh 139.00 Tiger, Leopard, Chital, Sambar, Wild Buffalo.
Fensatallite 110.74 Tiger, Leopard, Sambar, Chital, Muntjac.
Panpath 245.84 Tiger, Leopard, Chital, Sambar, Nilgai, Bear, Chousingha, Muntjac.
Pamed Wild Buffalo 262.00 Tiger, Leopard, Chital, Sambar, Wild Buffalo.
Sardarpur Florican 348.12 Kharmor
Sailana Florican 12.96 Kharmor
Udanti WildBuffalo 247.59 Tiger, Leopard, Gaur, Chital,Wild Buffalo, Muntjac.

Tribes of Madhya Pradesh     

Tribes of Madhya Pradesh have preserved very remarkably their distinct way of life in small isolated communities and the main tribes are the Gonds, Kols, Bhills, Murias, Baigas, Korkus, Kamaras, Marias and Oraons.

Traditionally, the tribal were semi-nomadic, some living solely off what they could hunt, others relying on shifting cultivation. Most have now been settled, many it would seem as unhappily as the Australian aborigines, country liquor and drug dependency are said to be common among the men. Many cling to their older beliefs, such as buying there dead, rather than burning them according to Hindu tradition.

In the last hundred years the Baigas have been forced to abandon shifting cultivation (the burning of forest strips and sowing of seeds in the ashes, the cultivation of crops for a few years on this land and its abandonment for regeneration) and to move from this axe and hoe agriculture to the plough.

Over the centuries, tribal territory has gradually been nibbled away, and every where their way of life is under threat. The Gonds, the largest of the tribes, managed to maintain their independence and retain their so- called ‘primitive’ ways until the last century. From 1200 A D there were as many as 4 Gond Kingdoms .One had an initiation ceremony centered on eating wild orchids. Today one of the biggest threats to the tribal comes from that symbol of modernization, irrigation dams.

The proposed building of a succession of dams across the Narmada River in southern MP threatens hundreds of thousands of hectares of tribal forest land . Loud political protests are a feature of the states current politics.

Tribal culture & tradition
Many of the tribal traditions in the state are still vital and strong, although they have been exposed in varying degrees to outside cultural influences. A great deal tribal traditions, especially mythology and folklore, have been preserved , though they have been exposed to out side culture influences . The Pondwani and the Lachmanjati legends are the Gond equivalents of the Mahabharat and Ramayana.

The Bards of the Gond continue to sing of the legendary deeds of Lingo-pen, the mythical originator of the Gond tribe. All tribe retain myths and legends regarding their origins, and they have songs for the ceremonies of birth and marriage, together with folktales, riddles, and proverbs illustrating their culture heritage.

Gonds in Bastar remain perhaps the least in contact with the world outside due to the remoteness and ruggedness of the terrain. The institution of Ghotul at Abujmarh- a dormitory for the unmarried teenagers to live together, select their mate and gain valuable experience to set up their own household-has attracted considerable scholarly attention.

A Marriage Procession

Similarly, the Bhagoriya festival at the time of Holi, the festival of colours, in the Jhabua region cannot be compared with any other celebration. Bhil youths indulge in colourful frolic excited by the prospects of meeting their future spouse. If some maiden strikes the prospective groom’s fancy, all he has to do is to offer a betel leaf to the girl. If she accepts, the two elope in the time honoured tradition to set up their house together.

The marriage can be solemnized subsequently. Incidentally the word bhagoriya may be literally translated as elopers.

Tribal fares present a colourful spectacle of the whole community celebrating. Singing and Dancing are not confined to few people. As the tempo builds, the spectators join in spontaneously.

The tribal festivals in Jabua and Bastar in Chhattisgarh region are marked by carefree revelry, drinking bouts and exotic entertainment like cock-fighting, uninhibited dancing, etc. The casual visitors often fails to appreciated adequately the genuine and strong tradition of democracy in tribal society, the harmonious living with nature, the respected status accorded to women, the amicable sharing of the community resources.

Tribal crafts
Tribal crafts men are proud of their artistic heritage. They are particularly skilled in metal wares and fashioning aesthetically satisfying objects for every day life.

Tribal dances
Costumed in colourful apparel tribal dances carry songs which mirror the sociological, psychological and historical moorings.


Tribal Baazers Tribal presents the most colourful face of Central India. Haats, Weekly marts are occasion for a get together and revelry. Bengal sellers like this are familiar sight at the Haats. Giant Merry go round is a great crowd attraction.

Wildlife Tours
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Pilgrimage Tour
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Cultural Tour
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Heritage Tour
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Corporate Tour
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Educational Tour
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Tribal Tour
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Adventure Tour
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