Tuesday 6 December 2011


The tribal people of Madhya Pradesh form an important part of its culture and contribute
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  Khajuraho Dance Festival in Madhya Pradesh,  India
Khajuraho Dance Festival
No one can deny the entrancing aura that envelops the cluster of temples in Khajuraho.
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Tansen Music Festival
Hindustani Classical Music is known for its poignant ragas and mellifluous notes
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Mandu Festival
Madhya Pradesh, known for its overpowering gaiety and pomp during festive celebrations,
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 Ameer Khan Festival   in Madhya Pradesh,  India
Kumbh Mela
   One of the most important religious festivals of Madhya Pradesh, Karma
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Fair of Nagaji
Nagaji fair or 'mela' of Madhya Pradesh is popular amongst the
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Madai Festival
   One of the unique attractions of Bastar is the Madai festival held in the different villages extending from Mandla to Bastar.
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Karma Festival
One of the most important religious festivals of Madhya Pradesh, Karma originally belongs
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Ameer Khan Festival
   Ameer Khan Festival, Indore, India is the perfect venue to savor Indian classical music performances by many
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  Ijtima at Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh,  India
Ijtima at Bhopal
Alami Tablighi Ijtima held every year for three days at Bhopal is one of the world's largest religious congregations.
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 Madai Festival  in Madhya Pradesh,  India

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